A social campaign for Cosmopolitan, that invited women across the Philippines to 'Like themselves' - on social media


The Case Study

Everywhere on social media, we are told to like ourselves, so it’s strange that the unwritten rule of Social Media is to never like your own posts. 

So on Woman’s Day, we launched a campaign calling on women to post anything on social media, and just... like it



One Million+ Likes in total

Almost all the country’s biggest female celebrities,heroines, and feminist thought leaders took part in unsolicited responses that led a national conversation- Why can’t a woman like something... she likes? Thousands of women proudly liked their own post, changing the perception of self love on social media, pushing #LikeYourself into the number one social campaign during International Women’s Day.


Copywriter: JB Le Divelec, Creative Director : Asterio Gutierrez

My Role: Art Direction and illustration